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SOLV Holdings, LLC is a privately held investment management company. We invest in companies that engineer, design build, control, service, and safeguard complex industrial systems. As business partners to each of our company leaders, it is our role to optimize,   grow,   and   integrate   our
portfolio by offering guidance in the areas of vision, strategy, leadership, and operations. At SOLV we focus on maximizing financial returns and increasing positive impact on stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.


There are a lot of business founders looking to sell their business, but they don't know where to start. SOLV is a legacy buyer who cares. We provided a simple road map to discovering if we're the right fit, allowing founders to sell their business with confidence, knowing they are valued and respected.



Be Real

We lead and follow with transparency and authenticity.

Partner Well

We collaborate with stakeholders, maximizing the potential of our shared interest.

Make It Happen

We have an action bias and add value by accomplishing goals for,with, and through others.

Always Grow

We strive for continual growth - as individuals and as a portfolio.

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