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SOLV Holdings is proud to be part of the Ambassador Enterprises family

and the legacy they have created. The following excerpt is from the 2019 Ambassador Enterprises annual report and reflects SOLV's mindset around legacy.


A Legacy-Minded Private Equity Firm

Whether planned or unplanned, for better or for worse, we all leave something behind. Our life has an enduring imprint on the lives of others. Legacy cannot be measured by a balance sheet. Money never satisfies the deepest needs of the human heart. Nor does it measure the impact of a life well-lived. It is the reputation we've built, the milestones we've reached, the people we've helped.

Legacy matters.

It's an inescapable destiny.

The very fabric of our being is enriched or impoverished by the choices we make and the meaning we find in life. For us, that meaning is faith - a living faith that helps us be better people, build better community, and gives us hope for a better tomorrow. Central to our faith is Jesus Christ. We believe him to be who he said he is. God incarnate. The Son of God. The promised Messiah and the crucified and risen Savior who came to save us from our sins and redeem the world.

He inspires us to ask ourselves, "How will our involvement make things better now and in the future?"

It's this legacy mindset that compels us to create something of enduring value, to pass along more than we received - igniting, inspiring, and shining an ever-brighter light in the world.

Click here to view Ambassador Enterprises' full report:

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